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How are your people skills? Are you able to negotiate a contract with confidence? When a conflict breaks out in your business, do you know what to do? Do you find yourself not making a good connection to others in your business?

Without the right people skills it’s near impossible to run a successful company. With them, you can’t help but succeed.

“Again, concise and to the point…so easy to read! It’s obvious to me that the REAL reason why people are ‘held back’, even when they are great at what they do, is due to their lack of interpersonal skills! It really is a career killer.” – Donovan Smith

“This book seems to have been tailor made to my needs as I have been looking for effective ways of handling my internal customers.” – Carlo Sierra

“I find this SO helpful and I hope you continue to educate people on effective communication.” – Krista Brown

“A revealing glimpse into the intriguing world of business communication. This book is like having your own business coach.” – Saleem Rana

What You Will Learn In This Book:

  • Why having the right people skills can improve your bottom line
  • 10 must-use techniques for mastering the secret of effective body language in business meetings
  • The ultimate tool for establishing rapport and avoiding misunderstandings
  • How to end a meeting correctly as an effective negotiation tactic
  • How to tell a story to engage your audience
  • 10 steps for being more assertive
  • 12 ways to become an active listener and why this is important
  • …and more

In her book “People Skills for Business”, Melissa Contreras, MBA, author, book publisher and online entrepreneur, teaches business leaders the importance of effective communication, persuasion, negotiation, and the ability to establish rapport and manage conflict. Anyone who wishes to better these skills would be wise to pick up a copy of this book.

In addition to learning about these topics in general, readers can delve into specific situations and better understand how to resolve typical business problems with better interpersonal skills and come away with specific techniques for improving their people skills in order to grow their business.

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