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9 Pasos para la Recuperacion de la Salud

ÚNICO LIBRO DE AUTO-COACHING PARA LA SALUD BASADO EN ESTUDIOS EN PSICONEUROINMUNOLOGÍA, PNL, MEDICINA BIOENERGÉTICA Y TERAPIA PSICOCORPORAL. Con amplia experiencia basada en la Psiconeuroinmunología y el Coaching Especializado para la Salud, Theo D’Elía, quien ha trabajado con numerosos pacientes con todo tipo de enfermedades, inclusive cáncer, nos trae este libro donde se revisan nueve […]

Horse Facts for Kids

What does a horse think when you make it choose between a red and a green apple? Can you sneak up on a horse? What is a Yearling? Why do people look at horse’s teeth? What’s a Quarter Horse? “Horse Facts for Kids” is a book packed with great information about horses, presented with beautiful […]

People Skills For Business

How are your people skills? Are you able to negotiate a contract with confidence? When a conflict breaks out in your business, do you know what to do? Do you find yourself not making a good connection to others in your business? Without the right people skills it’s near impossible to run a successful company. With […]